Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh

Title: Perfect Imperfections
Author: Taryn Leigh
Genre: YA Romance
Pages: 291
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Publication Date: March 29, 2017
My Rating: 3⭐

Sarah Lewis desires nothing more than to begin again after a failed marriage and a tragedy so terrifying, it forces her to leave her life in London to stay with her best friend a world apart in South Africa.

Despite immediate success in her business, she struggles to understand who she really is and where she belongs in the world. So begins a journey of discovery as Sarah re-unites with Katy in the land where she was born, where the air is lavender scented, and weekends are spent cycling on the beach.

Until the day when she has to return to London to face the ghosts of her past and confront a situation that has grown more complicated in her absence.

Perfect Imperfections is a very easy going story. Though slow in the beginning, it grabs your interest midway and never disappoints. It is not a book with surprising twists and turns. It is very predictable, but the cute moments in the book are what keeps you going.

The story seems very realistic. The struggles as well as the reactions to situations are mostly very real.

The characters are very likely and I would love to have them as friends in real life. They are supportive to each other and gives true friendship goals.
Character Development is very beautifully done especially for Sarah. Though she is left heart broken due to her past she comes out stronger with much more determination and sense of purpose.

The writing style is smooth and very easy to get into.

Recommended for a light read.

Happy Reading!!

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