Once Upon A Time by Saurav Chhawchharia

Title: Once Upon A Time
Author: Saurav Chhawchharia
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Pages: 240
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Publication Date: June 20, 2017
My Rating: 3⭐

Once Upon A Time is a beautiful story focusing on lifestyle of slum dwellers. It also talks about the struggles of aspiring writers.

Although the concepts were nice the story could have been made into two different stories instead of one.

There were stories within these two major stories. Grandmother’s stories as well as the story of two different novels by two different characters. Initially I thought that the writer won’t be able to do justice to the plot, but I must say that the plot was very clear and the stories were distinguishable.

There were some characters who were introduced but vanished suddenly and entered again later with no clear background about their time during that period.
It was difficult to keep an eye on the activities of each character.

At some places I felt like the thoughts of the writer were not organised. A very haphazard description of events was presented.

There are various incidents which proves the ignorance of the writer.

1) At one place a character “receives an e-mail” (an intent letter) and only a few sentences later he is so excited that he starts dancing “holding the letter in his hands”. (If it is an email how can he hold that letter in his hands?)

2) At another place the same character meets an accident and a friend of his describes the accident to another friend with extreme details about how “the truck driver pressed clutch with accelerator which led to the accident”. (If my friend was involved in an accident THAT I DIDN’T WITNESS MYSELF, I would just say that the truck driver was driving blindly and not whether the driver was pressing the break or the clutch.)

There are few more errors like these.

It is not a story where you expect a happy or a conclusive ending. You are just a viewer of the lives of the characters, whose lives continue even after the story ends.

The story could have been much better but there were lot of speed breakers in this journey.

I must say that the author adopted a difficult way of writing and tried to give full justice to all characters, but there were some noticeable faults which hindered my reading experience.
Having said that, I feel being a debut author, and trying something like this is tough. I hope and feel that the author will go a long way.

Happy Reading!

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