Night Shadow by Nora Roberts

Title : Night Shadow
Author : Nora Roberts
Genre: Fiction
Pages : 250
Publisher :  Silhouette Intimate Moments
Publication Date: March 1, 1991

My Rating : 3⭐

I bought this second-hand book at a throwaway price. I wasn’t really sure if I would really enjoy this book but it was fine.

Night Shadow is one of the stories written by Nora Roberts under the ‘Night Tales’ series. But it can be read as a stand-alone.

The book is about a girl (Deborah) who is a lawyer who believes in the efficiency of the judicial system.

Then there is a handsome and successful businessman (Gage Guthrie) who falls in love with Deborah at first sight.


Another character in the story is a person who roams in dark alleyways at night to fight against the crime. People call him Nemesis. He doesn’t believe in the judicial system.

Both Gage and Nemesis love Deborah. Even Deborah is attracted to both but is reluctant to accept the fact.

The storyline seemed very predictable to me from the start.

If you enjoy romance and boy saving girl everytime type stuff, with a bit of thrill and suspense then this book is definitely for you.


Happy Reading!

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