Meree Dunya by Farrukh Akhtar

Title : Meree Dunya
Author : Farrukh Akhtar
Genre : Poetry
Pages : 115
Publisher : Notion Press
Publication Date: 2017

My Rating : 3.5⭐

Meree Dunya is a compilation of Punjabi ghazal, geet and nazm, originally written in Urdu, transliterated into Hindi and translated into English.

The poems deal with simple village life, friendships, love, human emotions, politics and religion.

The book celebrates Punjabi and Urdu languages.

The words are beautifully woven to form a fabric of beautiful poetries.

Ziai sahib says,
Whenever a few Punjabis get together,
The conversation flows in Punjabi.

The poems were originally written by F.K. Akhtar Ziai and translated by Farrukh Akhtar.

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