Is Breakup… End Of Love??? By Sreekara Govinda

Title: Is Break Up… End Of Love???
Author: Sreekara Govinda
Genre: Romance
Pages: 183
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
Publication Date: 29 August 2018
My Rating: 3⭐
It is a story about John who finds his love, Priya in his college. But what leads to their breakup? And what happens after that?
Well, the storyline is quite predictable. And the writing style seemed to be quite similar to that of Chetan Bhagat.
It becomes interesting in the second half. You want to know what happens between this really romantic couple. Though I had imagined few different situations, it turned out to be totally unimaginable.
Good Points
  • Characters are really good.
  • I loved the role of John’s parents. They are friends, guide and mentor to him.
  • The first half of the book can definitely give you some relationship goals.
Bad Points
  • The entire novel just revolves around John’s love interest.
  • Typical “fall in love – have issues – the breakup – resolve – patch up” theme is followed.
  • There could have been more elements in the story other than love and breakup.
  • There are a lot of grammatical errors.
It is a story that masses could relate to. There are troubles in every relationship. But if you love someone, you trust them. If there is any miscommunication then you need to clear it together instead of just making decisions and running away from the problems.
Happy Reading!!

2 Replies to “Is Breakup… End Of Love??? By Sreekara Govinda

    1. I have tried to give an honest review, as I do for any other author. A reader buys a book on the basis of such reviews. Won’t you feel cheated if a thing you bought doesn’t match up its reviews online? Won’t you say that they are paid reviews hence fake?

      Thank you for taking out time to read the review and giving a feedback.

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