Gabriel Born by Muriel Stockdale

Title : Gabriel Born
Author : Muriel Stockdale
Genre : Science Fiction
Pages : 266
Publisher : Balboa Press
Publication Date: December 6, 2016

My Rating : 5 ⭐


Gabriel Born is a story about Dr Sheila Jensen and how she brings Gabriel to the world by combining animal and human DNA. Gabriel is not a normal child. He develops WINGS at the age of 5. All he wants to do is fly. Sheila can’t contain him. When he flies, some of each watcher’s consciousness joins him; his audience feels as if they fly too.

The story is about the mother and son relationship. The mother who tries every possible thing to save her son from getting unwanted attention and the son who’s only wish is to heal his mother and give her a taste of unimagined freedom.

The story is really interesting and kept me hooked from the very beginning.

Happy Reading!!

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