Forever Disguised by Annie Woods

Title: Forever Disguised (The Angelheart Saga #2)
Author: Annie Woods
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 327
Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers
Publication Date: June 28, 2018
My Rating: 4⭐

Continuing from where it left in First Came Forever, once again Annie Woods won my heart with her novel. She has a beautiful writing style.

I love the way she developed the characters. I have read several books in which I couldn’t love even a single character. But I must say, in this novel each and every person is lovable. (Though there are a few villains as well, as supposed to be in a good fiction).

Shasha is a sweetheart as he is in the first book. Even after all the mishappenings with him, he comes back full of life and love for Erica.
Erica develops from a strong girl to a fierce woman through her journey. She deals with her loss and tries to live her life just to fulfil her dreams. She is a fighter and a true inspiration.
There are various characters I fell in love with apart from Erica and Shasha.
Danny is Erica’s best friend and he has proved it. Though there were some fights and misunderstandings between the two but he stood by her when she needed him.
Tyler is the characters that I have got a literary crush on. He changes from a cocky and arrogant popular guy of the school to a dedicated lover. Even after knowing that Erica loves Shasha and might never love him the same way, he supports her. He stands by her when no one else even knows the whole truth. He loves her and proves his love for her everytime.
Miriam, Erica’s best friend from the previous school reminds me of my best friend. Who will always question me and make sure I take decisions which I don’t regret later. Who, even though we are not always together will make up for everything we missed whenever we meet.

The story had everything from love and action to heartbreaks and suspense.
Once again the story has some grammatical errors but they can be ignored. The story leaves you at a point where you are waiting for the release of the next book desperately.

I really recommend The Angelheart Saga to those looking for YA Fiction and Romance with some suspense and twists.


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