Desperate Souls by SJ Hermann

Title: Desperate Souls (The Splintered Love Series #1)
Author: SJ Hermann
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 34
Publication Date: July 31, 2018
Rating: 4⭐

Desperate Souls is the first book in The Splintered Love Series.


Moira survives in a dark void of lust and feeds on desperate men’s souls to survive. But, she yearns for more meaning to her hopeless existence. Devin dances on the edge of despair and sorrow. He lives his life in emotional pain, looking for someone to bring meaning to his life. When their souls intertwine, can love be enough to keep them together, or will it tear them apart.

My Review:

I am not an enthusiastic reader of fantasy or romance genre. But this one is not your cliché romance story. It has a dark plot. The story revolves around themes like desire, love, lust and despair.

The characters are interesting. I felt emotionally connected with them. I ended up wanting more of the story.

The writing style of the author is really appreciable. I would love to read more of his works.

Happy Reading!!

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