Bruised and Broken by Benita A David

Title: Bruised and Broken
Author: Benita A David
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 178
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
Publication Date: December 2017
My Rating: 4⭐

Sometimes beauty lies in the simplest of things and Bruised and Broken is one such simple yet beautiful story.

Hannah is found by Matthew in a hospital. She is badly bruised and hurt. Matthew wants to help her but is also afraid of the after effects of helping her.

Though the story is quite predictable, I loved the way the author has executed it. We see really strong characters and powerful dialogues. The essence and the emotions of the story have been maintained throughout.

Each and every character in the story comes out distinctly and leaves its impact on the readers.

There are no extravagant romance and action just a simple and a heartfelt story.
I definitely recommend it for a light and emotional read.

Happy Reading!!

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