A Murder of Crows by Christopher Hoffman

Title: A Murder of Crows
Author: Christopher Hoffman
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Pages: 822
Publication Date: June 1, 2018
My Rating: 3.5⭐

A Murder of Crows questions the history as we know it. Hitler along with other officials under the Nazi regime is considered to be dead. But are they really dead or are they just hiding away from their past?

It is a cleverly written book combining facts with fiction. I liked the concept. Though I am not really a history enthusiast, I did enjoy this story.
But I would like to warn the readers of the dark and violent content of the story. It contains a lot of scenes of murder and torture.

The book though is written from a third person’s perspective very smartly takes up to the first person’s perspective while reading through Henry’s journals. The perspective and timezones shift very neatly from one to another and back.

I liked Abigail and Finn a lot. They are young, smart and wise beyond their years. They solve the mystery started by Abigail’s grandfather and are not scared to follow in his footsteps for the sake of justice.

There are a lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Looks like the book wasn’t edited even once. This makes the story a little dull. Had that thing been taken care of, I would have definitely given it 5⭐.

Happy Reading!!

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